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The advantages in short

1. Our sites are displayed correctly in different environments.
2. Not only old browsers, but also the new ones are able to display sites correctly.
3. Increasing the accessibility of sites.
4. Optimized code guarantees lower loading time.
5. Standards compliant sites are easy to convert into other formats, such as databases, or documents like Word.
6. Standards compliant code enables to validate pages.

The advantages for people

Along with the increase in variety of methods to access Internet, adjusting and multiplication of web pages in order to satisfy all needs will become proportionally difficult (in fact it is believed that it is not possible even nowadays). Following standards compliance is a great step froward solving of this problem. Making your pages standards compliant will allow to ensure that not only traditional but also new browsers will display sites correctly, but also will support particular browsers and medium.

The most frequent consequence of that is the fact that access to your page is limited. It seems not sensible from the commercial point of view to restrict webpages only to a small number of visitors, when compared to what can be achieved. Limiting the access to your website even to a small number of receipients may mean substantial differences in your income. It would be a reasonable solution to ensure access to an educational page for not only children that come from well-off family possessing graphic browsers, but also for those coming from poorly developed regions using only text browsers. Also, handicapped students using special browsers belong to this group.

The same rule applies to all kinds of web sites - whereas avoiding standards and using features only characteristic of a particular browser may be a tempting option, increased accessibility caused by standards compliance will bring measurable benefits in the long run.


Most of the web standards are developed to acknowledge backward compactibility, so that the data that used old standards could be used in new browsers. Also, that the data that use new standards could easily produce similar results in the old browsers.

Since a web page may be developed by several following designer teams, it is crucial that all these people understand given code in order to edit it easily. Web standards offer a fixed set of rules that can be easily comprehended and put into life by every designer. Whereas one designer developes a site according to certain standards, the following one will be able to continue it from the moment in which it was ceased earlier.