Idiomy angielskie na literę A (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
a baby boomer osoba urodzona w okresie wyżu demograficznego People born after the Second World War are called baby boomers which indicates a large number of people that were born.
a baby in the woods bezradny jak dziecko When it comes to mathematics I am a baby in the woods. I can't carry out a simple calculation.
a backseat driver pasażer który ciągle 'wytyka' błędy kierowcy I will never drive this car again with him on the board, he is what they call a backseat driver.
a bad patch zła passa I am currently going through a miserable period, a real bad patch.
a bit much zbyt dużo I think it's a bit much to expect her to play 3 matches in one day.
a black look nieprzyjazne, złe spojrzenie My rival gave me a black look when we saw yesterday.
a blue movie film o pornograficznej treści If you are under 18 you cannot watch blue movies becouse they contain explicit sexual scenes.
a blue-eyed boy oczko w głowie Unfortonatelly it is my younger brother that has always been my father's blue-eyed boy.
a bone of contention kość niezgody The decision about who should rule in this family has always been a bone of contention.
a bundle of nerves kłębek nerwów When she had another baby, all of the sudden she bacame a bundle of nerves.
a cold fish człowiek nie okazujacy uczuć, zimny jak głaz Hug me George, don't be such a cold fish!
a counsel of despair akt rozpaczy It was a genuine counsel of despair on Jimy's part to own money from the mob.
a dog's life pieskie życie If you want to get to know a dog's life, join the Polish army.
a drop in the ocean kropla w morzu potrzeb His hundred dollars is like drop in the ocean. It will not buy me health.
a feather in the cap przedmiot dumy Often brilliant technical skills are a feather in the cap of young football players.
a flash in the pan słomiany zapał My learning how to speak Italian is like a flash in the pan. I don't feel it any more.
a golden handshake sowita odprawa Mrs Lolly was given a golden handshake when she left the company last Monday.
a little bird told me "mały ptaszek mi powiedział", chodzą wieści (jak ukrywamy źródło informacji) Hey, Ben a little bird told me that you were going to give away some of your money to the poor. Is that true?
a little something niedrogi prezent If we pay a visit to your parents again, don't forget to buy them a little of something.
a long shot niepewne przedwsięwzięcie Carring out of this project seems to me a long shot. Do you really believe people will be willing to cooperate with us?
a man of few words małomówny człowiek Andrew is a man of few words but many charitable deeds.
a pack of lies stek kłamstw It's a pack of lies! You have never seen the duchess Diana, not to mension meeting her.
a pat on the back gratulacje After he had won the election he received a pat on the back from the previous president.
a piece of cake łatwizna All the idioms are a piece of cake for those people with good memory.
a ray of hope promyk nadziei Seeing our allies approach us was like a ray of hope for all the dispared boys.
a sharp tongue ostry jezyk People dislike her for her sharp tongue.
a shot in the dark strzał w ciemno Although it was a complete shot in the dark I guessed her name.
a slap in the face bolesny cios, policzek It was like a slap in the face to see my wife kiss a stranger
a slip of the tongue przejezyczenie I was misunderstood becouse of a minor slip of the tongue.
a slowcoach ślimak, guzdrała If you try to go with him you will be late for school. He is an incredible slowcoach!
a stag night wieczór kawalerski It's the last opportunity to get wild. After your stag night you will know what I mean.
a stone's throw rzut beretem Don't slow down! It is almost a stone's throw from here. We will get there in 2 minuts.
a tough nut to crack twardy orzech do zgryzienia Buying this old house has become a tough nut to crack for ma and my wife.
a vicious circle błędne koło The more he does he comes back to the same point. It is like a vicious circle.
a walk of life środowisko (ludzi) I know people from different walks of life.
a white elephant chybiona inwestycja Selling ice-cream last year turned out to be a white elephant. We earned much less than we had expected.
A1 numer 1, coś najlepszego The playstation portable known as PSP was labelled A1 in certain juvenile environments which means the best portable handheld.
above board nielegalnie, niewłaściwie Jack did many things in his life above board and but since his wife's death he has become a righteous citizen.
accident waiting to happen chodzący wypadek I'd rather stay away from him, he is just like an accident waiting to happen.
ace up your sleeve ukryty atut, as w rękawie Mickey was never beaten by his opponents and if anything was going wrong he always seemed to have ace up his sleeve which he eventually used to his advantage.
Achilles' heel pięta Achillesa, słaby punkt You see, maths has always been my Achilles' heel, maybe becouse I usually had not very experienced teachers to explain it to me well .
add fuel to the fire dolewać benzyny do ognia By saying that she is not particularly skillful at the job you add fuel to the fire. She will hate us even more.
after your own heart bratnia dusza There is a special bond between us and she has always been a woman after my own heart.
against all odds pomimo wszystkich przeciwności Against all odds Derek decided to try his luck again in Las Vegas.
against the grain wbrew przekonaniom I am not going to go against the grain. My personal believes are important for me but not as much to generate hatered.
agony aunt osoba w gazecie odpowiadająca na kłopotliwe pytania Ann worked for the local newspaper as an agony aunt solving people's problems day by day.
agony column dział gazety w którym udziela się porad The people's problems that I find in the agony column seem often pretty strange to me.
ahead of the pack górować nad innymi przeciwnikami The cyclist was much ahead of his pack and for the next 200km nobody had a chance to approach him closer than 1km.
albatross around your neck problem który hamuje czyś sukces Your fiancee is like an albatross around your neck. Can't you see that she has been impeding you from carring out your tasks successfully for such a long time?
all along od samego początku She was observing you all along to find out how much money you could have.
all is well that ends well wszystko dobre, co się dobrze kończy Although we damaged the car the insurance company paid us twice as much. As they say all is well that ends well.
all of a sudden nagle All of a sudden a thunder struck the nearby tree and burnt it down completely.
all over the place wszędzie My child's toys were scattered all over the room. I told him to tide up the mess.
all over the world dookoła świata Now, it is possible to travel all over the world in less the 60 days.
all set gotowe All set, we are just wainting for you to come and evaluate how we did.
all skin and bone chudy jak szczapa Kathy is all skin and bones. I can't look at her when she gets stripped.
all year round przez cały rok Ammy wears that weird red cap all year round.
an early bird ranny ptaszek An early bird like Kate usually get up at 6 o'clock.
an old flame stara miłość lub pasja My old flame's name was Katia. I thrilled at the thought I could meet her again.
and last but not the least "I na końcu" (ostatnia rzecz, co nie znaczy że mniej ważna) And last but not the least, don't forget to swith off all the lights before you leave.
armchair critic krytykować i dawać rady ale samemu nie postępować lepiej Andy is a type of an armchair critic that points you every mistake you make. I wonder why he never drives the car in my companion?
armed to the teeth uzbrojony po zęby Armed to the teeth troops invaded the base and capture few hostages.
as a matter of fact w rzeczywistości, prawdę mówiąc As a matter of fact I saw her passing by me, even twice.
as a rule Jako regułe As a rule I never talk to strangers.
as deaf as a post głuchy jak pień She will not hear you becouse she is as deaf as a post.
as dull as ditchwater nudny jak flaki z olejem His lecture was as dull as ditchwater, so most of the students simply fell aspeep.
as fresh as a daisy wyglądający i czujący się rześko How do you do this that you always look as fresh as a daisy!
as hard as nails nie okazujący emocji All the family mourned after the father's death but Yaan turned out to be as hard as nails.
as poor as a church mouse biedny jak mysz kościelna Don't expect her to pay you much, she is as poor as a church mouse.
as sick as a dog bardzo chory Having eaten that yesterday's pizza I was as sick as a dog.
as stubborn as a mule uparty jak osioł He never does what I tell him to do becouse he is as stubborn as a mule.
ask for trouble prosić się o kłopoty Comming to this neighbourhood is like asking for trouble.
at all costs wszelkimi dostępnymi środkami, za wszelką cenę At all costs I must pass this final exam.
at arm's length na dystans After her husband's death he kept people at arm's length and seldom left her house.
at cross purposes nie rozumieć się nawzajem Although I tried verny hard we seem to have talked at cross purposes. His vision of the world is so different from mine.
at death's door bliski/a śmierci He admitted doing many crimes at death's door.
at each other's throats skakac sobie do gardła It is a tale about two men with their hands around each other's throats.
at first sight na pierwszy rzut oka At first sight she seemed much cheerful then she really was.
at heart w głębi duszy Down at heart he always believed that good people do exist.
at large na wolności The prisoners escaped and many of them are now at large.
at random losowo In a burning house you pick things at random, there is no time to take them all.
at sb's expense czyimś kosztem Alice was having a very good time at her parents' expense.
at short notice w ostatniej chwili We managed to clean the house at short notice, right after it all the guests arrived.
at the crack of dawn o świcie This lover boy frequently comes back home at the crack of dawn.
at the eleventh hour w ostatniej chwili Why do you always do things at the eleventh hour? People who are constantly late can't be respected.
at the end of your tether u kresu wytrzymałości The everlasting problems caused her to be at the end of her tether. She almost got to the local lunatic asylum.
at the top of your voice na całe gardło At the top of her voice she announced that she was going to be married.
at times czasami We pay a visit to our parents-in-law at times.
at your fingertips w małym palcu In this kind of job a man is supposed to have at his fingertips such data that will allow to make reasonable decisions quickly.