Idiomy angielskie na literę B (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
back burner problem drugoplanowy When we overcome our major problems we definitely will take care of the back burners like low payments.
back to the drawing board zacząć od początku Because of the fake exam results many students were supposed to write the set of tests again which meant being sent back to the drawing board.
bald as a coot kompletnie łysy When I met Pete for the first time he was getting bold. Now he is as bald as a coot.
ball is in your court twoja kolej I have done what I could. Now the ball is in your court. Show us what you can do!
bar fly osoba latająca od baru do baru Matthew behaves like a bar fly who does nothing more but running from one bar to another.
bark up the wrong tree spierać się z kimś chociaż nie ma się racji, nic nie wskórać I am afraid that you are barking up the wrong tree. It is not me who you should be talking to.
be a big shot być grubą rybą In certain environments he is seen as a real big shot.
be a bit rusty zastały, nieużywany My English has got a bir rusty and it will take a while for me to be in shape again.
be a foregone conclusion być z góry przesądzone The victory of the boxer in the red trunks was a foregone conclusion becouse most of the wagers were bet on him.
be a must być koniecznością For genuine catholics a Sunday mass is a must.
be a wet blanket psuć nastrój Although I tried very much to improve your mood today, you in turn have been such a wet blanket.
be after sb's own heart o podobnych poglądach, upodobaniach Tomek is after my own heart. I always agree with him.
be all ears zamienić się w słuch Do you want to hear what happened at the disco last evening? Oh yes, I'm all ears.
be all fingers and thumbs być ciapowatym i niezdarnym You do know that James is all fingers and thumbs. He can't do a simple thing not to mention cooking a soup.
be as sober as a judge zupełnie trzeźwy Even after four beers he was as sober as a judge.
be at odds over something mieć inne poglądy niż ktoś nie zgadzac się o coś Me and my mother are at odds over the developement of my career.
be at one's best być w najlepszej formie For the next Olimpics Games Jim promised himself to be at his best.
be at one's wits' end odchodzić od zmysłów She was at her wits' end when she learnt that the earth-quake was in the area where her parents lived.
be back on sb's feet pozbierać się po chorobie, stanąć na nogi I was very ill, but I'm back on my feet now.
be behind the times zacofany Don't you have a similar impression that he is slightly behind the times with his way of dressing.
be broke być spłukanym, bez kasy I'm afraid I can't lend you any money; I'm totally broke.
be down in the dumps mieć depresję, doła Things hadn't been going so well for him at work and he was feeling a bit down in the dumps.
be head over heels być zakochanym po uszy Jenny's head over heels for Tom. She's crazy about him.
be in a rut popaść w rutynę After twenty years in the same job and in the same building, she was in a rut.
be in force obowiązywać This law will be in force in the next year.
be in high spirits być w radosnym nastroju Mary passed matura exam and she was in high spirits all day.
be in shape być w formie If I want to beat Johnson I have to be in shape again.
be in somebody's shoes być na czyimś miejscu I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when your girlfriend finds out that you have cheated her.
be in the air nierealne, patykiem na wodzie pisane All my plans concerning how much I intend to do, appear to be usually in the air.
be in the know być wtajemniczonym w coś Ask Tom about global warming. He's in the know.
be in the pay of sb być na czyjiś tajnych usługach During the Secong World War many people oficially working for the US were in the pay of different governments.
be in the pink of health być zdrowym It was a miracle that after his fight with cancer, he was back in the pink of health.
be in the red mieć w banku debet You may not be aware, but your husband's company is already in the red.
be in the right mieć rację, słuszność Tom, you need to apologize Stefanie, she was in the right.
be in the same boat być w tej samej (zwykle złej) sytuacji We are in the same boat, we have lost our jobs and we are running out of money.
be in two minds about sth wahać się I am in two minds about buying that expensive dishwasher. Do you think we will really need it?
be into something być czymś zainteresowany, lubić coś Don't ask me about it - I am not into it at all.
be killing sb dobijać, dawać się we znaki Learning Maths is killing me. I hate it?
be left stranded być zostawionym samemu sobie, często podczas problemów I was left stranded with the paperwork in the office while all the staff went down to have a lunch.
be loaded być nadzianym Look at this house! Owners must be pretty loaded.
be not much of a ... nie za dobry ... He is not much of a writer, I'm afraid.
be on everyone's lips być na ustach wszystkich Since Pudzianowski won the World Strong Man Cup he is on everyone's lips.
be on the air być na antenie Don't speak now, you will be on the air in ten seconds!
be on the crest of a wave być ,na fali' , powodzic się It shows that John is on the crest of a wave at present, everybody loves him.
be on top of the world być bardzo szcześliwym If I won a lottery I would be on the top of the world.
be out of one's mind być szalonym, postradać zmysły Jess must be out of her mind to want to divorce with such a smart and handsom man
be out of order nie działać, mieć awarię A very common inscription stuck to phones all over this country is 'out of order'
be quits with someone być kwita You don't have to give me back the money, we are already quits.
be rolling in money mieć mnóstwo pieniędzy I can tell they can afford anything becouse they are rolling in money.
be under the illusion łudzić się My sister is under illusion that she will pass this term without even looking into the books.
be well off być dobrze sytuowanym, bogatym Tina's family is fairly well off. They can afford everything.
be worlds apart bardzo się różnić We have always been different and still seems to be worlds apart from each other.
bear fruit przynosic owoce (korzyści, rezultaty) Our hard labour will bear fruit one day and you will be proud of yourself.
bear something in mind pamietać o czymś You should bear in mind the fact that she is not the only beautiful girl in this world.
beat a dead horse starać się wzudzić zainteresowanie w czymś czego nikt już nie popiera Trying to rouse Parliament from its apathy on the issue, would be like trying to 'flog a dead horse' to make it pull a load.
beat around/about the bush owijać w bawełnę Get to the point, I dislike peolpe who beat around the bushes.
beat it zjezdżaj I told them to beat it but it only irritated them and they attacked me more fiercely.
beat somebody black and blue zbić kogoś na kwaśne jabłko He was a bad father beating his daughter black and blue even for minor act of disobedience.
beauty is only skin deep pozory mylą If you want to date a beauty queen, remember that beauty is only skin deep.
bedroom eyes osoba z uwodzicielskim spojrzeniem It must be my personal charm that every time she is round me she makes those bedroom eyes of her.
before someone's eyes na czyichś oczach They got under the train right before my eyes. I will never forget the sight!
behind closed doors za zamkniętymi drzwiami The debates of the Parliament were held behind closed doors.
behind someone's back za czyimiś plecami I can tell she is plotting behind people's back all the time.
believe in the hereafter wierzyć w życie pozagrobowe I must admit that Perer is a very religious person and believes in the hereafter.
bend over backwards dawac z siebie wszystko, aby pomóc komuś Mickey bent over backwards to help his nephew and the effort paid off.
beside the point nieistotne It is rather beside the point whether or not she stays here a couple of days longer.
best thing since sliced bread świetne (nalepsza rzecz od wynalezienia krojonego chleba) The invention of internet is the best thing since sliced bread. Do you agree with me?
beyond a shadow of a doubt bez najmniejszej wątpliwości Beyond the shadow of doubt Henry can be classified as the best of fighter taking part in the tournament.
beyond belief niemożliwe, niewiarygodne This new engine improves performance of the car beyond belief. I am highly thrilled about the way it accelerates.
beyond someone's ken niezrozumiałe dla kogoś It's beyond my ken how quickly she recovered after her husband's death.
big bucks duża kasa He made big bucks in music entertainment industry.
big hitter ktoś ważny w swojej dziedzinie Leon is a big hitter in physics. Many respected physicians turn to him for advice.
big-head człowiek zarozumiały People who earn a lot of money can sometimes be such big-heads.
birds and the bees o seksie I understand your dad told you about birds and bees, yes?
bird's eye view z lotu ptaka It's birds eye view of our campus. The pictures taken by radio controlled airplane.
bite off more than you can chew porywać się z motyką na słońce With this not very smart move of yours you are trying to bite off more than you can chew. Don't you know that they don't sell alcohol to those under age?
bite the dust umrzeć, przekręcić się, 'gryźć ziemię' Another platoon bit the dust when it tried to take over 3 bunkers.
bite the hand that feeds you gryźć rękę która żywi Are you insane? I would never tell such a thing to my boss. It would be like biting the hand that feeds you.
bitter end gorzki koniec It was a bitter and for us to go bankrupt but every cloud has got its silver lining. Now I can spend more time with my family.
blind date randka w ciemno I can't imagine people who go on a blind date. They must be very lonely.
blow below the belt cios poniżej pasa Her refusal was like a blow below the belt, after all the good you had done to her.
blow off steam wyładować się After 10 years of hard work and humiliation on the part of his boss Neo blew off steam in front of his superior yesterday.
blow the whistle on someone położyć czemuś kres It is time to blow the whistle on Jaan's deceitful practices. This company will go bankrupt if we don't.
blow your own trumpet chwalić się She usually blows her own trumpet about how good she is at ski jumping.
blow your stack/top wkurzyć się Why did you blow your stack when Helen said they were going to invite us?
brand new nowiutki, "spod igły" I buy only brand new products but I can afford it.
break the back of something wyjść na prostą After ten unfortunate years the Browns have finally managed to break the back of their financial crisis.
break the ice przełamać lody You can break the ice by inviting her for a walk along the seaside.
break the news to sb zakomunikować komuś przykrą wiadomość Doctor broke the news to Mrs. Woods that her husband didn't survive the operation.
bring a knife to a gunfight nie być przygotowanym do walki I went to pass an exam but when I saw the set of questions I realized that I brought a knife to a gunfight.
bring sth to light ujawnić jakieś fakty, informację When John's past was examined, his several wrong-doings were brought to light.
broad strokes zarys These are just broad strokes of how our house is going to look like when it is built.
brownie points przychylność Flattering this lecturer should earn you some brownie points that may appear very useful in the time of crisis.
brush up 'odkurzyć', podszlifować (umiejętności, jezyk itp.) I will need to brush up my English before I go on holidays.
budding scientist obiecujący naukowiec Every single year he gets scholarship and many people describe him as a budding scientist.
bull in a china shop niezdara Monica behaved like a bull in china shop. Not only that she broke a dear vase, she also woke everyone up.
burn rubber wciskać gaz do dechy, palić gumy If your car has 300 horses you can easily burn rubber.
burn the candle at both ends ryzykować utrata zdrowia, nie szanować zdrowia A sensible athlete must never burn the candle at both ends. If he does so he should expect lack of progress in the future.
burn the midnight oil pracować lub uczyć się do późna w nocy I hate burning the midnight oil but If I were a more diligent student I wouldn't have to be sitting up late now.
burst out laughing wybuchać śmiechem When I told Jill about my funny adventure she burst out laughing.
bury a hatchet zakopać topór wojenny The two sworn enemies have finally burried a hatchet, and peace has been once more restored to the land.
busted flush niewypał Although I tried as I could the whole performance turned out to be just a busted blush.
buzz off spadaj Buzz off Andrew, I don't have time for you now.
by a hair's breadth o mały włos She was saved from the fire by a hair's breadth. Right after she was brought out of the house unconscious the roof collapsed.
by all means za wszelka cenę, oczywiście He has to be stopped by all means.
by courtesy of za zgodą The materials were distributed by the courtesy of the owner.
by profession z zawodu He is a musician by trade.
by the book zgodnie z prawem I want that everything in this company was done by the book. Say goodbye to your unfair practices.
by the skin of your teeth o mały włos He managed to save his life by the skin of his teeth. A huge rock almost fell on him.
by trial and error metodą prób i błędów By trial and error he eventually became an expert in the field, but it had taken him many years.