Idiomy angielskie na literę C (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
call a spade a spade nazywać rzeczy po imieniu Arnold will report the facts. He's not afraid to call a spade a spade.
call it a day zakończyć pracę, fajrant We are so tired. Why don't we call it a day?
call someone names wyzywać kogoś She was calling me names because she disagreed with something I had said.
cannot make head nor tail of something nie móc się pokapować w czymś When the owner of the shop finally returned he couldn't make head nor tail of the amount of money he was given. The total was far different from what he had expected it would be.
can't hold a candle to someone nie umywać się do kogoś To be truthful she really can't hold a candle to me. Just compare her achievements to mine.
carry the can wziąć winę na siebie It is me who has broken the glass but it is Jones who has carried the can.
catch sb in the act złapać kogoś na gorącym uczynku The thieves first and foremost rule is "to never get caught in the act".
catch sb red-handed złapać kogoś na gorącym uczynku The pickpocket was cought red-handed when he tried to steal the old woman's purse.
chalk and cheese całkowicie niepodobni These dogs are as similar to each other as chalk and cheese. They don't bear the resemblance of one another at all.
change a fly into an elephant robić z igły widły Don't change a fly into an elephant, it's just a scratch and you will be all right!
change hands przechodzić z rąk do rąk If you leave your bike without protection, don't be surprised if it soon changes hands.
chase the dragon palić opium lub heroinę When the police entered the room, they found a couple of people chasing the dragon there.
chew something over przemyśleć coś You shouldn't rush her, she needs to chew this over.
chicken out stchórzyć He was about to come to my room but suddenly he chickened out.
choose a soft option pójść na łatwiznę His life motto is to choose a soft option whenever possible.
cluth at straws chwytać się brzytwy You of course know that in act of desperation many people are capable of cluthing at straws.
come clean przyznac się One of the most popular auction services in Poland has come clean recently that its protections were not satisfactory enough. Yet it didn't influence its popularity.
come down to earth zejść na ziemię Come down to earth and stop dreaming about Maybah, it is to expensive.
come in handy przydawać się For an ordinary thief everything seems to come in handy.
come to terms with something pogodzić się z czymś After his daughter burial he couldn't come to terms with the loss and had to be hospitalized.
come true spełniać się Everybody wishes his dreams would come true some day.
come what may niech się dzieje co chce Come what may, I am taking the challenge you have forced upon me.
commit a blunder strzelić gafę I sometimes commit a blunder by doing sth improper but I can't help it.
cook the books fałszować księgi rachunkowe In this bloody country you cannot make a decent living unless you start cooking the books.
cost a bomb kosztować fortunę, masę pieniędzy It's a very luxury yacht but I'm afraid it must cost a bomb!
cost an arm and a leg kosztować mnóstwo pieniędzy This luxurious car must have cost him an arm and a leg!
couch potato osoba spędzajaca dużo czasu przed TV i objadajaca się Americans are a nation of typical couch potatoes.
crocodile tears nieszczere łzy Are you trying to deceive me with your crocodile tears?
cross one's mind przychodzić do głowy / na myśl It never crossed my mind that she could be a spy.
cry for the moon chcieć gwiazdki z nieba Wanting a ferrari is like crying for the moon. When will you grown up?
cry one's eyes out płakać bardzo mocno, ryczeć Monica cried her eyes out when she realised that Tim didn't love her any more.
cry over spilt milk rozpamiętywać to co się stało (negatywne zdarzenie) Stop crying over spilt milk. What is done cannot be undone!
curiosity killed the cat ciekawość to pierwszy stopień do piekła She can never resist the temptation to talk to the handsome strangers. As they say "curiosity killed the cat".
cut corners iść na łatwiznę Caryl always finds an excuse to cut corners. I hate lazy people like her!
cut something/someone short przerywać I wanted to clearly explain the whole situation to her but she cut me short.
cut the apron strings oderwać się od matczynej spódnicy If your sons have not cut the apron strings by now, it's probably safe to say they never will
cutting remark zgryźliwa uwaga Your cutting remarks are really getting on my nerves.