Idiomy angielskie na literę D (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
dead easy dziecinnie proste This task was dead easy and he handled it in no time.
dead on time punktualnie I should be expecting you comming dead on time.
dead-end relationship beznadziejny związek This relationship is dead-end and I bet it will not survive until next year.
do a number on sb wykręcić komuś numer They did a number on us when we bought this car. It doesn't work at all.
do time siedzieć w więzieniu, odsiadywać karę Tom is doing time for trafficing drugs.
dog tired ztyrany Give me some food woman, can't you see I am dead tired?
donkey's years całe wieki Having spent donkey's years in this school building I desired to become a free man at last.
draw a blank zakonczyć się fiaskiem Our all attempts concerning the developement of the company have drawn a blank. The compant have gone bankrupt.
draw the line zdecydowanie się sprzeciwiać I drew the line when she told me to pack my things and get out of the house.
drive someone up the wall doprowadzać kogos do wściekłości The constant noises coming from our neighbours' flat drive me up the wall.
drop a brick powiedzieć coś nietaktownego, nie na miejscu Marry dropped a brick when she told that she doesn't like her boss. When she noticed that he is standing behind her, she could only apologize for her tactless remark.
drop someone a line napisać parę słów do kogoś Drop us a line from London and tell us how you are doing there.