Idiomy angielskie na literę E (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
ease one's mind uspokajać kogoś I couldn't ease my mind after my wife's death.
easier said than done łatwiej powiedzieć, niż zrobić Like with most things in life, similarly in this very case it's easier said than done.
easy come easy go łatwo przyszło, łatwo poszło Yesterday Tom got from his uncle 1000$ and on the same day he spent it on trifles. As they say "easy come easy go".
eat humble pie upokorzyć się Ann had to eat humble pie in front of her class yesterday. Showing your weakness is something one would rather avoid to expose to the others.
eat like a horse jeść jak koń Ann eats like a horse. She has an enormous appetite.
eat one's words odszczekać coś, przyznać się do błędu Our new Prime Minister went too far. I think that public opinion will force him to eat his words.
egg on your face głupia mina Because some people rejected offers made by Piotr Rubik they must be left with a little bit of egg on their face now, to see the popularity his works enjoy at present.
excuse my French przepraszam za wyrażanie się Excuse my French but where the fuck are the keys!