Idiomy angielskie na literę F (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
face the music stawic czoło trudnościom, wypić uważone piwo You have done wrong and now will have to face the music.
fall for someone zakochać się Alison goes to that restaurant every night because she has fallen for its owner.
fall into the wrong hands wpaść w złe, nieodpowiednie ręce I'm looking for someone responsible to buy my car, I won't let it fall into the wrong hands.
feel it in one's bones czuć to w kościach, mieć przeczucie I know I will not pass this exam. I can feel it in my bones!
feel the pinch odczuwać brak pieniędzy Someone who has never felt the pinch has no idea how humiliating it is to go and ask the others for help.
figure of speech przenośnia By using a figure of speech like "he kicked the bucket' I mean that he simply died.
first and foremost przede wszystkim First and foremost you should get rid of this stupid umbrella.
flog a dead horse tracic czas i energię His talking about the direction in which it all should head is like flogging a dead horse. Nobody listens to him anyway.
fly off the handle wyjść z siebie, wściec się He really flew off the handle when I suggested selling the villa.
for a change dla odmiany Instead of going for a pizza let's go for ice-cream for a change.
for good na dobre She left her family for good and never came back.
for short w zdrobnieniu This word "father" is written "daddy" for short.
for the sake of przez wzgląd na For the sake of your father you should be taking care of your health.
for the time being na razie For the time being I have nothing to do so I constantly watch TV.
frame somebody wrabiać kogoś Amanda framed you. She lent you her car, then reported it as stolen.
free and easy wyluzowany Kuba Wojewódzki's style of journalism can be reffered to as free and easy.
from A to Z od A do Z, dogłębnie He has become the master of the martial arts school. No wonder, he knows the matter from A to Z.
from cover to cover od deski do deski We read the article from cover to cover and didn't find anything about Tom.
from head to foot od stóp do glów It was raining heavily and she returned all wet from head to foot.
from scratch od zera, od samego początku My database was damaged and I had to start the work from scratch.
from the bottom of one's heart z głębi serca I am very very grateful to you for your help therefore I'd like to thank you now from the bottom of my heart.
from the horse mouth prosto ze źródła, z pierwszej ręki This piece of information was taken right from the horse mouth. That is why it is the most reliable.