Idiomy angielskie na literę G (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
gallows humour wisielczy humor His gallows humor accompanies him wherever ge goes.
get a line on someone zdobyć bliższe informacje o kimś Get a line on this James Bond. I wonder who he is.
get a move on ruszaj się, pośpiesz się Get a move on! We have so little time!
get a word in edgeways dojsć do słowa When he is fresh and relaxed it is difficult sometimes to get a word in edgeways. His mouth never shuts.
get cold feet stchórzyć, rozmyślić się They'll be married na Saturday; if Angelica doesn't get cold feet.
get hot under the collar dostać piany, wściec się Agnes got hot under the collar when the teacher accused her of cheating
get lost spadaj I don't want to go with you on a date, get lost dude!
get off on the wrong foot mieć zły początek When I first started the company, it got off on the wrong foot, but after some years of depression good time has finally come.
get on like a house on fire świetnie sie dogadywać Elena and Brooke get on like a house on fire. They've been best friends for 8 years.
get on sb's nerves działać komuś na nerwy By dressing all in pink she only gets on my nerves.
get out of hand wymykać się spod kontroli The situation in this country is getting out of hand. That's why many troops and machinery have to be sent there just in case.
get out of my face zejdź mi z oczu You have hurt me so many times that I want you now to get out of my face for good.
get somebody wrong źle, opacznie kogoś zrozumieć Don't get me wrong; I like Jenny, but I love Bianca.
get something off your chest wyrzucić coś z siebie, zrzucić ciężar z serca Why don't you get it off your chest? You will be relieved if you do.
get sth off your chest wyrzucić coś z siebie, zrzucić ciężar z serca This problem had been bothering me for some time and I felt good to get it off my chest.
get sth straight wyjaśniać coś Let's get this straight. You're sure you didn't see my husband with Brenda, is that right?
get stuffed wypchaj się You tell someone to get stuffed when you are fed up with him.
get the hang of sth zaczaić' coś, załapać (jak coś działa, lub na czym polega) I'm getting the hang of it. I can write easy programms.
get the message zrozumieć coś, załapać I was telling him to get lost for two hours but I don't think he got the message.
get the sack być wyrzuconym/wylanym z pracy Lara was too lazy for this work and she got the sack.
get the short end of the stick zadowolic się tym, co gorsze For the time being we will have to get the short end of the stick. But I strongly believe that things will change pretty soon.
get the wrong end of the stick zrozumieć cos na opak No, I am afraid that you have got the wrong end of the stick. Martha is my sister not cousin!
get too big for your boots mieć zbyt wysokie mniemanie o sobie I once knew a girl who got too big for her boots and therefore she was generally disliked.
get up on the wrong side of the bed wstać lewą nogą She seems to be angry with everyone around just becouse she got up on the wrong side of the bed.
get your teeth into something wgryźć się w coś I wish I could get my teeth into something that would bring me a lot of cash.
give sb a big hand głośno oklaskiwać All participants enjoyed my lecture, they gave me a big hand when I finished it.
give sb five przybić piątkę That was a great shot! Give me five!
give somebody a ring zadzwonić do kogoś When you are on the spot give me a ring and I will come.
give someone a buzz zadzwonić do kogoś Give me a buzz when you are ready.
give someone a cold shoulder traktowac kogos z oziębłością She spent a lot of time in purgatory becouse most of her life he gave his daughter a cold shoulder.
give someone a hand pomóc komuś Could you please give me a hand with this web page? I'm not good at programming.
give the game away zepsuć efekt Things put where they don't belong often leave mixed feelings and give the game away.
give-and-take kompromis I you want to keep your marriage healthy you must constantly inject give-and-take strategies into it.
gnash your teeth zgrzytać zębami Andrew gnashed his teeth with anger becouse he didn't get what he wanted.
go for a song sprzedać bardzo tanio, az friko They sold this house for a song as they wanted to move out as quickly as possible.
go of a tangement zmienić nagle temat She was a sort of person that was easily upset by the others becouse of uncomfortable issues that they touched upon. But she quickly worked out strategy and went of a tangement in tough situations.
go off the air zejść z anteny One of the most popular radio programs went off the air becouse of the scandalous announcer running it.
go out on a limb ryzykować, iść pod prąd By acting like this you go out on a limb. Remember that I am not going to support you if anything bad happens to you.
go round in circles kręcić się w kółko Are you going to go round in circles or to help me?
go straight to the point przejść do sedna Be specific and come to the point! Beating round the bushes will not save us time.
go through the motions zachowywać pozory Rose was long going through the motions of going to school but it didn't worked out. Last Monday she was expeled from school for her absence.
go to bat for someone ujmowac się za kimś Personally I can see no reason why you should go to bat for Kirk. If he is so much against going to school, why not to remove him?
go to pieces załamywać się, tracić panowanie nad sobą When I saw Ann sleeping with Antonio I just went to pieces. I can't understand how she could be unfaithful to me.
go to somebody's head uderzyć do głowy Fame and money want to his head and he left the country to become even more famous.
go to the dogs pogarszać się This restaurant is going to the dogs; the food is awful and waiters lack of good manners.
go to the wall przestać brać w czymś udział The unfair practises of the candidates have led to the decrease in voting rates and made many voters go to the wall.
go to waste marnować się All my attempts to save the animals have gone to waste.
go to your head uderzyć komuś do głowy His win in the national lottery has gone to his head. The next day he decided to build a palace in this God forgotten place.
go up in smoke spełznąć na niczym The genome research project was canceled, and four years of hard work went up in smoke.
gold rush gorączka złota Internet marketing nowadays seems to be comparable to the real gold rush in 1850 in California.
good riddance to bad rubbish baba z wozu, koniom lżej I see you have departed with Andrew. Well, good riddance to bad rubbish.
grasp the nettle zapanować nad czymś Thanks God that the government managed to grasp the nettle of growing unemployment. The new reforms allowed to reduce it effectively.
greasy spoon speluna z tanim żarciem It was a grasy spoon where a man could eat cheap food and drink booze with thugs.
green with envy zielony z zazdrości You will be green with envy when you see my new fur.