Idiomy angielskie na literę H (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
hale and hearty zdrowy, krzepki Bart was still a hale and hearty man despiste his old age.
hammer sth into someone wbijać komuś coś do głowy My parents have always hammered this rule into us that we should respect every human being.
hands are tied nie móc nic zrobić, mieć związane ręce Obviously Mark cannot do much as his hands are tied at the moment. We have to wait patiently.
hands off łapy precz Get your hands off my precious letters!
happy hour przedział czasu w barze w którym piwo jest sprzedawane po tańszej cenie During the happy hour alcohol enjoys great popularity at British pubs.
have a (good) nose for sth mieć nosa do czegoś She's an excellent treasure hunter who has a good nose for valuable artefacts.
have a chip on your shoulder mieć pretensje do całego świata She always seem to have a chip on her shoulder although she doesn't do anything herself.
have a clue mieć o czymś pojęcie I didn't have a clue about the answer on our English teacher's question.
have a face like thunder być wściekłym When I saw Ann sleeping with Antonio I had w face like thunder. I can't understand how she could be unfaithful to me.
have a finger in every pie wszędzie się wtrącać I can't stand her inquisitiveness, she must have a finger in every pie!
have a frog in your throat nie móc nic powiedzieć (z powodu suchości w gardle lub ze zdenerwowania) I need a seep of water, I've got a bit of a frog in my throat.
have a heart of gold mieć złote serce Lilly'll do anything for anyone; she's got a heart of gold.
have a narrow escape cudem uniknąć nieszczęścia, o mały włos She had a narrow escape yesterday. A car almost crashed her.
have a sharp tongue mieć cięty język I'm telling you, try to avoid discussions with him - he's got a sharp tongue.
have a stab at something próbować czegoś I've never mixed drinks with Red Bull but I'll have a stab at it on the New Year's Eve party..
have a sweet tooth lubić słodycze Alvin has a sweet tooth. He can eat sweets and chocolates all day long.
have a word with sb zamienić z kimś słowo As soon as you have entered the office you should go to have a word with the boss. He badly wanted to see you yesterday.
have an early night pójść wcześnie spać I'm very drowsy; I'm going to have an early night tonight.
have bigger fish to fry mieć orzech do zgryzienia We have bigger fish to fry here at home. Our children are to choose a type of school they wanr to go to.
have both feet on the ground stąpać twardo po ziemi Being a commando is a tough profession and you need to have both feet on the ground if want to survive.
have butterflies in one's stomach denerwować się, mieć tremę Every time when I'm supposed to enter the stage I have butterflies in my stomach sweat like a mouse.
have green fingers mieć smykałkę do ogrodnictwa Alton has got green fingers - he has the most beautiful garden in the neighbourhood.
have mixed feelings mieć mieszane uczucia I have mixed feelings about Eddie. He seems to be nice but I think he has some dark secrets.
have one foot in the grave być jedną nogą w grobie Can't you see that he has one foot in the grave? If we go on like this he will not live out till next week.
have one's heart in one's mouth mieć duszę na ramieniu; drżeć ze strachu When I saw wolfs surrounding me I had my heart in my mouth.
have one's heart in the right place mieć dobre serce Mini can't help us in this matter, but her heart's in the right place.
have other fish to fry mieć inną sprawę na głowie Don't disturb me now. I have other fish to fry at this moment.
have pins and needles mieć mrowienie w danej częsci ciała If a patient doesn't move he will naturally have pins and needles in certain parts of his body.
have something on your brain chodzić komuś po głowie All day yesterday I had a strange idea on my brain. Why don't we sell this house and move out?
have sth at your fingertips mieć coś w małym palcu If you happen to have problems with law go to Jim for advice. He has got all theory regarding law at his fingertips.
have sth on the tip of sb's tongue mieć coś na końcu języka Wait, his name is on the tip of my tongue. It begins with S.
have the last word mieć ostatnie słowo Tom always likes to have the last word in any conversation.
have the time of one's life świetnie się bawić, przeżywać coś bardzo miłego I went with my kids to 4D cinema last week and they had the time of their lives.
have words with somebody sprzeczać się, kłócić się Yesterday Sebastian had words with Kamila; they are not a couple anymore.
have your back to the wall być przypartym do muru I decided to take part in this risky venture only because I had my back to the wall.
have your ear to the ground trzymac rękę na pulsie Basically being a boss is an extremely demanding task becouse you should constantly have your ear to the groung.
headge your bets zabezpieczyć się In order to headge my bets I bought a safe to keep all the valuables in case of burglary.
hide-and-seek zabawa w chowanego Let's play hide-and-seek! I hide, you seek.
high and low wszędzie I looked for my documents high and low and they seem to have got lost for good. What should I do now?
hit it off znaleźć wspólny jezyk It is difficult nowadays to find a person with which you can easily hit it off. Nevertheless if you don't try you will never find out if it is true.
hit the jackpot wygrać los na loterii, zgarnąć całą pulę How could John afford buing this luxury yacht? He must have hit the jackpot.
hit the nail on the head trafić w sedno Yes, you are completely right! You have just hit the nail on the head!
hit the roof wściec się Agnes hit the roof when she was told that Andrew was cheating on her.
hold the guns mieć wszystkie atuty w ręku Jim holds the guns, there is no other solution as to cooperate with him.
hold water mieć sens, trzymac się kupy If his theory holds water, it can be a breakthrough in genome research.
horses for courses co kto lubi Playing computer games is like horses for courses. The wide array of games allows you to choose the game that fits you best.
hot and bothered zakłopotany i piekrzący się My parents get hot and bothered seeing my drunk in the street.
hush money łapówka Hush money and unfair agreements are settled on a daily basis in world politics.