Idiomy angielskie na literę I (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
if my memory serves me well jeśli mnie pamięć nie myli Darling, if my memory serves me well I have seen you somewhere.
in a nutshell krótko mówiąc Fortunately we managed to close the debate at last and in a nutshell it was stiff boring.
in a row z rzędu He won the gold medal three times in a row.
in a sense w pewnym sensie In a sense she is quite similar to her mother.
in a word jednym słowem If I was to describe him in one word, this would be hilarious.
in bad taste w złym guście Sehe has little idea about how a modern woman should look like. Her yesterday's dress was in a completely bad taste didn't fit the occasion.
in black and white na piśmie For safety sake, any agreement should be signed in black and white.
in bulk hurtowo For a reason known only to him, he was buying all the stuff in bulk.
in cold blood z zimną krwią On Friday two people were murdered in cold blood and thrown into the river in Nashville.
in fits and starts nierówno, nieregularnie,zrywami Let's face the truth. You will never finish this work if you work in fits and starts.
in good faith w dobrej wierze All the money were given to the poor in a good faith. What happened to the funds then, was unacceptable.
in haste w pośpiechu Putting all his things together, in haste he forget to take a camera.
in no time od razu I understood the task in no time and did the job correctly.
in practice w praktyce In practice a lot of things are more difficult than they initially appear.
in public publicznie She was laughed at and scorned in public but she ignored the voices of evil-doers.
in the doldrums zastały For a couple of years the housing business was in the doldrums. Now the situation has slightly changed therefore you can find some potential clients.
in the hole zadłużony Because of gambling my father was one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the hole. We all left him and moved to our grandparents' house.
in the long run na dłuższą metę In the long run, it is better to invest the money than to keep them in a bank offering pathetic low interests.
in the middle of nowhere na 'zadupiu' She left me in the middle of nowhere with only some change money to call someone.
in the palm of your hand mieć kogoś w garsci, kontrolować kogoś He is this sort of person that likes to have everyone in the palm of his hand. People are really afraid of him.
in the pipeline w przygotowaniu Five months were in the pipeline. Then the area was ready to let in the team of specialists.
in the red na minusie When the rough times come naturally many companies will refer to themselves as being on the red.
in the wash w praniu It is useless to look for your shirt Tim, it is in the wash.
in theory teoretycznie In theory many people seem to be such good citizens.
in two minds about something w rozterce odnośnie czegoś You see I am in two minds about paying visit to our aunt. If I do so the other members of the family may become offended.
in vain na próżno I cried and cried in vain. Nobody would have heard me anyway as the walls were soundproof.
in writing na piśmie He offered his services several times to us, every time in writing.
in your birthday suit nago Some people don't mind go jogging in their birthday suit. It is outrageous!
inside out na wylot, na lewą stronę I know him inside out which means I know him very well.
it goes without saying oczywiste jest że, nie trzeba mówic że It goes without saying that when someone say "hallo" you should greet him too.
it is now or never teraz albo nigdy Tell her that if she wants to pass the exam it is now or never. If she doesn't take it she will be expelled from school.