Idiomy angielskie na literę L (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
labour the point rozwodzić się nad czymś, wałkować coś Look, there's no need to labour the point - I made a mistake and I'm sorry!
land/fall on one's feet spaść na cztery łapy Dora is a type of a girl that, no matter what happens, seems to land on his feet.
lay down the law to someone narzucać innym swoja wolę To lay down the law to your spouse would be like restricting freedom of this alliance. A marriage should be an alliance of two people seeking compromise in many aspects of life.
lay the cards on the table wyłożyć karty na stół Jim didn't want to keep his family in suspense and laid the cards on the table by saying that he was going to marry Susan.
leap year rok przestępny The next year will a be leap year. The 29th January indicates that.
learn sth by heart nauczyć się na pamięć Have you learnt the poem by heart yet, Henry?
leave no stone unturned poruszyć niebo i ziemię When he was about to take a driving licence test he was ready to leave no stone unturned to pass it. That's how he was desperate.
leave someone holding the baby zostawić kogos z kłopotem, obciążyć kogoś kłopotem When the party finisged, everyone returned home and all the mess was left me to clean. I will never again throw a party because they always leave me holding the baby.
leg it to biegiem! Have you Martha washed yourself yet? Then, what are you still doing here? Leg it to the bathroom!
let alone nie wspominajac o.. He hardly ever watches TV, let alone listening to radio.
let sleeping dogs lie nie wywołuj wilka z lasu Let sleeping dogs lie. The more we talk about bad luck the more likely it is to happen.
let something slip wygadać się She let it slip that we had crashed my dad's car.
let the cat out of the bag wygadać się I told her about our tough family situation but I already regret it. I am sure that on the first possible occasion she will let the cat out of the bag.
little by little po trochę, stopniowo I learnt French little by little, by trial and error.
little white lie niewinne kłamstewko You said she is 25, not 17! Yes, I told a little white lie
live to a grand old age żyć bardzo długo, dożyc późnej starości My grandmother lived to a grand old age. She was 105 years old when she died.
loony bin zakład dla psychicznie chorych With the attitude like this you would perfectly qualify to some loony bin.
lose face stracić twarz, honor John lost face when frauded all investors' money.
lose heart stracić wiarę w coś Irek, don't lose heart because you cannot solve the problem. Don't give up! Keep on trying!