Idiomy angielskie na literę N (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
nagging headache uporczywy ból głowy The nagging headache bothers her frequently.
nagging wife zrzędliwa żona There is nothing more irritating than a nagging wife.
nip something in the bud stłumić co¶ w zarodku The riot was nipped in the bud. All the rioters were hanged.
not be on speaking terms nie rozmawiac z kim¶, gniewać się We are not on speaking terms. She did something I simply cannot forgive her.
not be sb's cup of tea nie być w czyim¶ gu¶cie, nie pasjonowac się czyms I am afraid that I will not be able to help you as video games are not my cup of tea.
not be up to scratch niewystarczaj±co dobry Allan admits that the latest products of this company are not up to scratch to be released to market.
not for all the tea in China za nic na ¶wiecie I will not do it, not for all the tea in China. It is so humiliating!
not give a toss about sth, sb nie interesować, obchodzić się czym¶, kim¶ Sally doesn't give a toss about your problems big boy.
not have a clue nie mieć pojęcia I have no idea how to solve this problem.
not have a leg to stand on zabrakn±ć argumentów Everyone participated in the heated discussion except for Jane who didn't have a leg to stand on to support her initial arguments.
not hurt a fly nie skrzywdzić nawet muchy Derick is harmless. He wouldn't hurt even a fly.
not know whether to laugh or cry nie wiedzieć czy się ¶miać czy płakać When it was announced that my flight was delayed for eleven hours I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
not mince your words nie przebierac w słowach Because I am a very straightforward person I often don't mince my words. Therefore I am not liked by the others.
not my scene nie moja "działka" You see maths is definitely no my scene. So I cannot tell you much about it.
not out of the woods w krytycznym stanie I am sorry but your mother is not out of the woods yet. She will have to be hospitalized for the next three month at least.
not pull your punches walić prosto z mostu She is this sort of person that doesn't pull his punches and doesn't care about other people's opinions.
not rest on your laurels nie spoczać na laurach Resting on your laurels is equivalent to recession. Avoid it if you don't want to end up like a loser.
not see eye to eye with someone nie zgadzać się z kim¶, sprzeczać się Perhaps because of our age that differed us we couldn't see eye to eye with each other in many questions.
not see the wood for the trees nie widziec lasu spoza drzew, nie dostrzegać istotnych spraw If you are too busy with daily rutin and your job you are on a good way to not see the wood for the trees and lose sense of direction.
not up to scratch nie bez skazy After close examination of all the stuff he had gathered we both found that many of them were not up to scratch and not compatibile with modern standards.
noughts and crosses kółko i krzyżyk Do you like playing noughts and crosses? of one's own accord z własnej woli He can't be made to do his homework he has to do it of his own accord.