Idiomy angielskie na literę O (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
off base bezpodstawne My dear I am afraid that all your claims and accusations are off base and have little to do with reality.
off colour wyglądać blado i słabowicie You look so pale and of colour today. Why don't you go to bed for a while.
off the beaten track na odludziu We were supposed to meet somewhere off the beaten track. Good for me I have taken this map.
off the map poza mapą You wouldn't believe where Garry is living now. It's a place off the map. Some people call it a shithole.
off the point nie na temat Your suggestions are off the point. Can you stick more to the topic?
off the record prywatnie, nieoficjalnie Let us tell you something off the record. The results of the exam were fake.
off the top of your head na poczekaniu, z głowy He is a bright person who can tell you a lot of interesting stories right off the top of his head. I wish I had his mind.
off your own bat z własnej inicjatywy She cleaned all the windows off her own bat. Nobody encouraged her to do it.
on a shoestring cienko prząść, przechodzić kryzys "The world budget is on shoestring" as reported yesterday's newspapers.
on a sticky wicket w trudnej sytuacji Don't talk to him like that. Can't you see he has been on a sticky wicket recently?
on all fours na czworakach Children love to play on their all fours.
on cloud nine bardzo szczęśliwy, w siódmym niebie When we meet, she seems to be on cloud nine.
on horseback wierzchem Riding on horseback was a completely new experience for Joan and she couldn't get used to it.
on impulse spontanicznie I bought her flowers on impulse, that is spontaneously.
on location w plenerze Those pictures were taken somewhere on location near Glasgow.
on one's own account na własne ryzyko Of course you can make a parachute jump, but only on your own account.
on the ball znać się na rzeczy Only five minutes spent with him ensured me that he was the right person for the job and one of the few on the ball.
on the cards do przewidzenia Who will win in the upcoming elections is on the cards. Hans has bribed all the influential people.
on the dole na zasiłku dla bezrobotnych Many people in Poland are on the dole.
on the market w sprzedaży A new model of this car is now available on the market.
on the off-chance na wypadek gdyby He was employing a great number of people on the off-chance that one day his company would require more staff.
on the road w podróży Natasha is on the road all year round.
on the same wave length nadawać na tych samych falach, bardzo dobrze się rozumieć If people are on the same wave length it means that they understand each other perfectly.
on thin ice na niepewnym gruncie Ignoring your boss is like walking on very thin ice.
on your own initiative z własnej inicjatywy You are welcome to introduce any changes or take steps on your own initiative.
once and for all raz na zawsze When you have done it you will forget about it once and for all.
once in a blue moon bardzo rzadko He does jogging once in a blue moon. He definitely prefers working out in a gym.
one's heart's content ile dusza zapragnie On Saint Peter's Square you will find a Polish bar where for just 5 pounds you can eat to your heart's content.
open a can of worms otworzyć puszkę Pandory She opened a can of worms and for the next twenty years all her family was undergoing an extremely miserable period.
out of date przestarzały Don't eat the cheese becouse it is out of date.
out of one's depth tracić grunt pod nogami When I am exposed to difficult situations I seem to feel out of my depth. Maybe becouse I am still so young.
out of print wyczerpany nakład (książki) The book you ask for Sir is already out of print.
out of stock nie być dostępnym w sprzedaży We are sorry, but the product you are looking for is currently out of stock.
out of the blue z nikąd, znienacka, nieoczekiwanie He didn't appear on the music scene out of the blue. He had been dealing with music since 1996.
out of the ordinary niecodzienny It was an out of the ordinary situation. It was Jill now who offered me her help.
out of the question wykluczone I will not invite Lucy to the party. It is out of the question.
out of this world wysmienity, doskonały Her performance was out of this world and only few could approach a similar level of professionalism.
over my dead body po moim trupie! Obviously you can drive my car but over my dead body.
over the counter bez recepty For a madicine like this you definitely need a prescription and you wil not buy it over the counter.
over the moon jak w raju, w siódmym niebie I was over the moon when Sally invited me for a walk.
over the top nadmiernie I must admit I like the way you have decorated your house although you painted the walls slightly over the top.