Idiomy angielskie na literę P (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
paint the town red świetnie się bawić (zwykle chodząc od baru do baru) Doris passed an exam today so she's gone out to paint the town red.
pass the buck to someone zrzucić na kogos odpowiedzialność The current government turned out to be very incompetent and tried to pass the buck to the lack of support on the president's side.
pay lip service to something robić z gęby kalosz People who pay lip service to help you and they eventually don't, should burn in hell.
pay tribute to sb/sth oddawać komuś hołd My book pays tribute to Bruce Lee for his contribution in the martial arts world.
pick someone's brains zasięgnąć rady (kogoś kto się na tym zna), skonsultować coś Sebastian, I need to pick your brains about marketing - I've heard you are an expert.
pick up the pieces naprawić coś, uporządkować After his wife died, she tried to pick up the pieces of his life.
play ducks and drakes puszczać kaczki na wodzie To play ducks and drakes we need: flat stones and a lot of water.
play second fiddle grać drugorzędną rolę, pozostawać w cieniu When they finally gained the power Hue started to play second fiddle in the party.
play something by ear robić coś spontanicznie, improwizować If my plan fails, I can play it by ear. I'll be creative
play truant chodzić na wagary When he was young he was playing truant. That's why he is unemployed now.
play with fire igrać z ogniem Research on genetically modified food is like playing with fire.
plead guilty przyznać się do winy Michael Jackson was accused several times but every time he didn't plead guilty.
pluck up courage zbierać się na odwagę After six drinks Irek plucked up courage and asked Wendy on a date.
poke your nose into sth wścibiać w coś nos She likes to poke her nose into what's not her business.
pop the question to someone oświadczyć się One day I hope someone will pop the question to me.
pretty penny niezła sumka After a couple years of saving he managed to gather pretty penny.
prick up your ears nadstawiać uszy/u When he heard them mention his girlfriend he pricked up her ears.
promise wonders obiecywać złote góry Instead of promising wonders maybe you make only one of my dreams come true.
pull somebody's leg nabierać kogoś This cant be true! You are pulling my leg.
pull the wool over someone's eyes mydlić komuś oczy Politicians are very well trained to pull the wool over their voters' eyes. Have they ever managed to fulfil at least one of their promises?
pull your socks up wziąsć się do roboty We pulled our socks up and managed to finish a two-day work in one day.
pull your weight wypełniać swoje obowiązki Carl was very consistent in pulling his weight. No one of the tenants could say anything wrong about him.
pull yourself together opanować się, wziąć się w garść She is finding it hard to pull herself together after the horrific accident.
put a stop to something kłaść czemuś kres I wish I could put a stop to drug and gun trafficing.
put all your eggs in one basket postawić wszystko na jedną kartę On the second thought I am not going to put all my eggs in one basket. I have got too much to lose.
put down roots osiąść, zakorzenić się, ustatkować After moving from town to town, we have decided to put down roots in Canes. It is the most beautiful town I have ever seen.
put in jeopardy narazić na niebiezpieczeństwo By driving his car so fast he put in jeopardy all the family.
put one's best foot forward bardzo się postarać, włożyć w coś dużo wysiłku If you want to became a surgeon, you'll have to put your best foot forward.
put pressure wywierać presję My teacher puts constant pressure on me. It is so stressful!
put sb through hell zrobić komuś piekło na ziemi Men who usually drink, put their wives through hell and make them unhappy.
put sb/be at a disadvantage stawiać kogoś/być w niekorzystnej sytuacji Her being late the last time puts her at a disadvantage. Everybody knew that she was a poor student but not everyone realized she was usually late.
put sb's back up denerwować, drażnić His annoying questions really put me back up.
put someone in the picture wprowadzic kogos w sytuację They hadn't put me in the picture soon enough over the change on the market and we lost plenty of money.
put someone in the right place pokazać komuś gdzie jego miejsce When I played tricks on the others my father always reprimanded me and put me in the right place.
put something on the back burner odłożyć cos na później Having passed the final exam I had to put my plans concerning my studies on the back burned and go to work. My first son was born and I had to raise the family.
put the brakes on przestać coś robić The government has put the brakes on spending money on War in Iraq.
put the cart before the horse stawiać sprawę na głowie, odwracać coś, przekręcać She won a gold medal in the Olimpics and now is the most famous athlete at present. Wait, you are putting the cart before the horse. Just becouse he won the medal doesn't mean that he is the most popular.
put the cat among the pigeons włożyć kij w mrowisko Associating yourself with man like Johnsee and his environments is like putting the cat among the pigeons. They feel the most secure only in their own company.
put your foot down postąpić stanowczo A good breeding requires on the parents' side putting their foot down. Being lenient with your children is the best way to spoil them.
put your foot in it strzelić gafę I am perhaps too sincere and often put my foot in it by saying people what they really look like.