Idiomy angielskie na literę S (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
safe and sound cały i zdrowy It was a hard climb, so I'm relieved they got back safe and sound.
save face zachować twarz He found himself in a difficult situation and to save his face he resigned from his position of AOL chairman.
save something for a rainy day odkładać coś na czarną godzinę John is not stingy. He simply saves money for a rainy day.
scared to death śmiertelnie przerażony He was scared to death when he saw the monster.
scrape the bottom of the barrel zadawalać się małą ilością, resztkami Joan is one of the few people who never complains and willingly scrapes the bottom of the barrel.
see pink elephants widzieć białe myszki Yesterday I was so drunk that I saw pink elephants.
see red wściec się When Andrew was told his wife is unfaithful, he saw red.
self-made man człowiek, który sam się dorobił, zrobił karierę Tom created his business by himself. He's a self-made man.
sell like hot cakes sprzedawac sie bardzo szybko Baseball cards sell like hot cakes. Kids love them.
serve him/her right dobrze (jemu/jej) tak! She cheats on a tests! It serves her right that she fails them.
shed blood przelewać krew Much blood was shed durning the the Second World War.
shoot oneself in the foot strzał w stopę (samobój) He really shot himself in the foot, telling the judge all about his other crimes.
shoot the breeze paplać Andrea and I were drinking beer and shooting the breeze.
show one's face pokazywać się, pojawiać You are banned from this pub! Don't even dare to show your face here again!
show-off popis, mający na celu zdobycie poklasku There's no need to show off, Sebastian; we all know you're a great dancer
sit on the fence być niezdecydowanym Betty generally sits on the fence at present. But when she gets more money from the fund she will invest it in something right away.
sleep like a log spać jak zabity Last night I was so tired, I slept like a log.
sling mud at sb obrzucić kogoś błotem This presidential campaign was successful for Bush but it was nothing more than mud slinging.
slip someone's mind zapomnieć czegoś, wylecieć z pamięci I met him on a disco last Saturday but his name slipped my mind.
smell a rat podejrzewać, że coś jest źle, nie tak When her husband started working late four times a week, she smelled a rat.
snap one's fingers pstrykać palcami Country music often makes people snap their fingers.
so what? i co z tego? So what! If Andrew left without saying goodbye - he'll call you, I'm sure.
spill the beans wygadać się, wyjawić sekret If you want them to know about your plans tell Magda about it. She'll spill the beans.
spitting image of sb uderzająco podobny do kogoś Agnes is the spitting image of her mother.
square meal porządny, solidny posiłek Scientists claim that we need at least one square meal a day.
stab sb in the back wbić komuś nóż w plecy I thought he is my best friend. And he went to my wife and told about my mistress. He stabbed me in the back!
stab someone in the back zadać komus cios w plecy When I saw Linda dating my nearest friend she stabbed me in the back.
stand a chance mieć widoki na powodzenie If you're considering suing Amber, talk to a lawyer to see if you stand a chance.
stark naked zupełnie goły, całkiem nagi The people that we saw on the beach were stark naked. According to Emily they were members of a nudist club.
steal someone's thunder ubiec kogoś, wyprzedzic w czymś In the first grade Jim turned out to be the least bright student. But when three terms passed he stole everyone's thunder and became the top of his class.
steer away from trzymać się z daleka If I were you I would steer away from Iraq. This country is extremely dangerous.
step by step krok po kroku It is imposible to learn it at once, you have to do it step by step.
step on someone's toes nadepnąć komuś na odcisk Just because I stepped on her toes she will be trying now to take her revange on me.
stick sb's neck out narażać się, podejmować ryzyko Why should I stick my neck out when you oppose your boss?
stick to your guns trwać przy swoim Why are you so stubborn and are still sticking to your guns? I have already told you that you are not going anywhere this evening.
swear like a sailor klnąć jak szewc Zack won't introduce his girlfriend to his parents because she swears like a sailor.
sweep something under the carpet ukrywać coś, zatuszowywać Much to my surprise my husband has been lying to me for 20 years and also has been sweeping a lot of facts under the carpet.