Idiomy angielskie na literę W (English idioms)

Idiom Translation / Tłumaczenie Example / Przykład
wash your dirty linen in public prać publicznie swoje brudy In my opinion one of the worst things contributing to destruction of marriage is to wash your dirty linen in public.
wash your hands of something umywać od czegoś ręce Pontius Pilate washed his hands of responsibility for the ordering Jesus Christ's crucifixion.
watch your step! Uważaj jak idziesz! Watch your step! The sidewalk is icy.
whet sb's appetite zaostrzać apetyt How about a galss of wine to whet your appetite?
whistle in the dark dodawać sobie odwagi They knew they were lost and were just whistling in the dark.
white lie niewinne kłamstewko You said she is 25, not 17! Yes, you see it is just a white lie.
wild horses wouldn't drag me nic mnie nie przekona Wild horses wouldn't drag me to Samantha's house. I don't like her anymore..
win hands down wygrac bez trudu Johnson beat Rollings again. One might say that he won hands down which proved him to be a real master.
with a vengeance z podwójną siłą Tomek works out with a vengeance when he goes to the fitness room.
with bated breath ze wstrzymanym oddechem She waited for the report with bated breath.
with flying colours bez najmniejszego problemu As he was expected of, he passed the final exam with flying colours. Well, when you are the best what can stand in your way?
with open arms z otwartymi ramionami, chętnie Natalie accepted my invitation with open arms.
with your hands down z łatwością I believe you will pass this driving test with your hands down.
without a shadow of a doubt bez cienia wątpliwości He was found guilty without a shadow of a doubt.
without fail niezawodnie This clock works without fail since 1912.
work for peanuts pracować za marne grosze He is a great manager but is working for peanuts and can't afford anything.
worth their salt warci pieniędzy które dostają I do hope that these guys are worth their salt. We have already spent too much money on the previous workers who turned out to be fruitless investement.
written all over one's face wypisane na twarzy When Nick was arrested his guilt was written all over his face.